DBPS : Dreaming Bipedal Potato Squid.

Made in 10 days for the I can't draw but want to make a game jam

Journey through your dream world and kick blocks to open doors. Collapse the world to escape.

Featuring a 12+ minute soundtrack and 3-level difficulty system!

[Confused about controls?]

A and D to move. Space to jump and dash. WASD to aim dash. Left click to kick upwards, right click to kick downwards. 

When in the air, your feet point towards the mouse. Left click makes your feet travel 150 degrees upwards before returning to their previous position. When your feet meet a box, the box moves in the direction you kicked it. 

Your movement speed is added to the box speed, so if you want to kick a box to the right, you can move to the right and kick it.

When kicking on the ground, the box goes up, but your movement is still added. 

[Even more confused now? Just play it and you'll (hopefully) understand]

Install instructions

Play in browser, or if it doesn't work, download. Progress is saved in browser. Quitting game doesn't do anything in browser. If you get to the end, reload the page to get to the main menu if you want to play again in a different mode or something.


dbps-windows.zip 57 MB
Version 1 Apr 21, 2019
dbps-macosx.zip 59 MB
Version 1 Apr 21, 2019
dbps-linux.zip 60 MB
Version 1 Apr 21, 2019
Soundtrack.zip 42 MB


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Pretty fun, and pretty hard. 

Fun game! The block pushing is a little bit awkward, but it didn't stop me from enjoying it a whole bunch.

solid game!

beautiful game! just beat it on normal mode. the soundtrack and art really nail the dreamy, glitchy aesthetic, and the gameplay has an incredible amount of depth. the way you use scale is phenomenal! i love dreaming bipedal potato squid and i hope they have sweet dreams <3

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